Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm Optimistic

Well actually I'm not. Not usually. Not on some really deep level. When I think about the depth of the problems we face as a species - climate change, resource depletion, population run amok -its hard to really believe that we are gonna master our worst impulses and manage, for the first time, in all history recorded or not, to pull it together and work together.

The astronomer in me looks at the problem dispassionately, looks at a galaxy with a 100 billion stars, and thinks "whatever. its a big Universe. Must happen all the time"

But the dad in me says - "please, no horror for my or anyone's kids."

So its the dad that is optimistic. Its the dad that sees our 44th president, a truly intelligent guy who understands the need for, the value in ,science and thinks "maybe, just maybe."

The can be no doubt that it is time to go post-partisan wherever possible. No species can live forever a finite planet chock full of enemies. Reason informs and passion inspires. Perhaps president Obama and the new generation of leadership he is ushering into power have the capacity and the wit to move us in a new and more sustainable direction. For the first time in a long time, it seems possible.

I'm optimistic. For real.