Thursday, March 19, 2009

ID Creationism and Science

So I did a post this week at Reality Base on the Texas School Board maelstrom which has engendered some debate. I heard back from some people on comments and via email (!). I will do more on it at Reality Base but here I just wanted to state something clearly. What is going on in Texas is not about some sincere attempt to understand the world through open ended inquiry personal or otherwise. It is one very particular form of religion (note that many institutional forms of Christianity do not have this trouble with evolution) and their attempt to dictate what is taught as Science. This is a very bad and very dangerous thing for us scientifically and politically. I am willing to take the heat and speak out as an a-theist scientist who is interested in, and respects the domains of human spiritual endeavor but what is happening in Texas speaks to the worst impulses that manifest in the name of religion. It is a bad, bad thing. People who have read my book and my writings know I do not say this lightly.