Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here and There

A link to my recent posts on Discover's Reality Base.

As you may have noticed I am having a hard time posting here and there and elsewhere at the same time. I am grateful to Discover for giving me their space and will keep updating here when the posts go up. I will also continue doing some posts for Tricycle when I am feeling the Buddha urge.

I do have say how encouraged I am by the general response and dialogue I see coming to both the book and the posts. In general, it seems like what I write serves mainly as a stepping off point for others to share their thoughts and ideas. It is fascinating and heartening to see how deeply people have been considering these topics on their own.

I was warned when I started writing the book that I was stepping into a giant pile of dog doo. Instead, I mainly see a bunch of fellow citizens seriously engaged with their own attempts to work out ideas on the deepest and most profound topics. "Science and Religion" is a murky terrain full of sink holes inhabited by angry and unfriendly critters, that is for sure. But it is also a place where our best instincts and creative aspirations can be given form when we make it an inquiry into the nature of being human. There seem to be lots of folks who are willing to talk and listen with that genuine sense of inquiry.

We are, as a people, better than our media makes us out to be.


  1. Adam, as one who approaches our shared inquiry from the 'religious' side, I commend you on your work. The tone of the commenting changed from a lobbing banter to a shared hmmm. No small feat but you're accomplishing it. I will be buying your book and maybe I'll be able to use it as part of my own work in reconsidering the True and Real in Christian circles. Of course, if I do use your book, I'll be expecting group discounts! Thanks again, Mike Gottschalk.

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