Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Links to two new posts

First a discussion of the Map vs Terrain metaphor for science and religion and reality. This came from the blogging heads diavlog which you can find here.

Next a short intro to Bernard d'Espagnat, this years winner of the Templeton Prize. The Templeton Foundation is very controversial and I have mixed feelings about what they do. I wonder what the general feeling is among people out there in the world about their efforts?


  1. I would like to understand why you say they are controversial?
    From my point of view at least this seems a thoughtful attempt to encourage the examination of the relationship between the spiritual and science, notwithstanding what seemed like a brief flirtation with ID(thankfully they beat a hasty retreat). And this seems to me to be a very good thing.

    OK, paying a sum of money to reward a certain point of view might be dodgy. But don't a lot of grants do this anyway?

    Scientific work has an implicit bedrock assumption that the world is observable and explainable.

    Because of this bedrock assumption scientific work shies away from borderline issues which is exactly why encouragement is needed from someone like the Templeton Foundation.

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