Saturday, April 4, 2009

Buddhism and Science

Zip on over to Tricycle for a blog post I did on science and future of Buddhism. A friend of mine is a young zen priest (how is that for a job title). We were talking the other day about the history of Buddhism in the west and some fears people have expressed that its growth was just a baby-boomer phenomena. I was interested in how Buddhism "responds" to science which, I think, has been different from other religions (though one can ask if Buddhism in its western form is a religion in the traditional sense)

Check out this link for more reading

I wonder what my Buddhist friends think of this?


  1. "...Science is such a potent force in our lives that understanding its context and deploying it with wisdom has some imperative now."

    Mr. Frank,

    You made the above statement in the comment section from the article you wrote and I have written it down for future reference, when I am teaching my future high-school chemistry students.

    (I couldn't post a comment on the Tricycle Editors blog site today for some reason)


  2. Thanks Connie. Its great that you are teaching students science and you have that kind of perspective

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